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Historische Reiche

Farbschemata für Kriegsschiffe

Aus einem Posting im Forum von Lords of The BattleField.

Eine wirklich komplette Liste (inkl. Peripherie) wird vermutlich im Aerotech 2 (Revised) erscheinen.


Eine Übersetzung folgt in der nächsten Zeit.

Written By: David McCulloch


To: Major General Doc Trevena

Major General Trevena, while I understand the desire to issue your report in time for the next Star League conference, it was disheartening that my team’s WarShip report could not been included. I have taken the liberty of attaching an extract from our work in the hope that it can be forwarded to League member states.

—Major Steven Partridge, Data Analysis Section, SLDF Intelligence Command.


Inner Sphere


Capellan Confederation

The House Liao symbol is displayed prominently on a hull of Capellan green. Raised superstructure and equipment is light gray.


ComStar (Word of Blake)

Both ComStar and the Blakists employ a simple white color scheme. The Word of Blake sword on a black field helps to differentiate between the two fleets. A ComStar squadron may once have given rise to stories of the mysterious Vandenberg White Wings in the Periphery.


Draconis Combine

House Kurita’s naval traditions descend from those of the twentieth century’s Imperial Japanese Navy. Not surprisingly, the color scheme adopted (sometimes called the “Yamato style”) harkens back to those surface vessels. The flanks and dorsal surfaces are solid slate gray, with the ventral surfaces a distinctive red. The Kurita dragon is always displayed prominently.


Federated Suns (Federated Commonwealth)

Initially a solid red paint scheme was employed on major structural members. Black stripes were later added to commemorate the WarShip losses in the Reunification War. The Federated Commonwealth adopted these colors with the reintroduction of WarShips—and the reestablished Federated Suns has retained them.


Free Worlds League

Bands of Marik purple encircle an otherwise unadorned hull. Across these are displayed the Marik eagle, the ship’s name and hull number, and (in an addition made by Thomas Marik) a heraldic shield. Cruisers sport lions, Carriers display a unicorn, gryphons appear on Destroyers and Frigates and Corvettes use an eagle in their unique devices.


Lyran Alliance (Lyran Commonwealth)

The breakaway Lyran Alliance was quick to reject the “tainted” Davion color scheme. The traditional Lyran Commonwealth navy dark gray and Steiner blue scheme was quickly introduced.


Star League

Members of the SLDF wore a sash bearing a pattern denoting their homeworld with their dress uniform. The practice was expanded to include the ships of the first Star League. Vessels received a hull pattern (usually a combination of light and dark gray and one other color) unique to its world of construction. In addition, a heraldic shield design unique to each ship was unveiled during the launch ceremony. Over time this would be amended to commemorate acts of courage, honor and sacrifice. Long-serving ships proudly carried beautiful and intricate shields, though few would earn the converted golden sunburst of a Martial Olympiad winner.

Although ships provided by the member states of the reformed Star League display the Cameron Star, they retain their original colors.




Outworlds Alliance

Possessing few WarShips, the Alliance never adopted a standard color scheme.


Magistracy of Canopus

The Magistracy Navy was hunted down and destroyed during the Reunification War. The fleet used a turquoise and black scheme.


Taurian Concordat

At the outset of the Reunification War the Taurian navy handed the Star League several defeats. Their WarShips used a tan color.



The Clans inherited many WarShips from the SLDF Exodus fleet. Like much of their Inner Sphere heritage, the SLDF colors were cast aside by Nicholas Kerensky. One of the most striking differences from Inner Sphere navies is the absence of hull numbers on Clan vessels.


Blood Spirit

With their ever-shrinking fleet and limited resources, the Spirits make do with bare hull metal.


Cloud Cobra

The Cobras have retained the old Star League colors on their Exodus-era ships, but have replaced the unique heraldic devices with their Clan emblem.



A base color of light blue with gray highlights is employed by the Coyote fleet.


Diamond Shark

Adopting the coloration of their totem, the Shark fleet uses a two-tone gray, with blue-gray on the dorsal surface blending to light gray on the ventral surfaces.


Fire Mandrill

The Kindraa each use distinctive color schemes. Payne-Beyl-Grant employs a dark green with black and orange, Faraday-Tanaga prefer a mid-green with red trim, Mick-Kreese-Kline have a striking yellow, green and black scheme. Kindraa Matilla-Carrol use black and yellow accents over a brick red.


Ghost Bear

Ever pragmatic, the Bears use a solid slate gray scheme with the Ghost Bear insignia displayed prominently on the bows.


Goliath Scorpion

The Scorpions have gone to great pains to develop a disquieting organic dark green color scheme reminiscing of the carapace of their totem. This is applied to major structural members, while the rest of the hull uses the ubiquitous gray thermo-coat.


Hell’s Horses

This Clan uses dark gray with highlights of red flames around thrusters and weapon ports.


Ice Hellion

The Hellions combine a light gray and white scheme with a narrow red stripe running long the flanks from bow to stern.


Jade Falcon

A dark Falcon green base color is used, with lighter green and bronze highlights. The color is often used in a stylized feather pattern around the bows.


Nova Cat

The Cats use solid black on the hull, with a stream of blue stars along the flanks—thinning out towards the bow and stern.


Snow Raven

A pure white color scheme dominates the Raven’s large fleet. Vessels with Galaxy assignments display that unit’s insignia, while those of the Fleet Command Star show a Khan’s rank star.


Star Adder

Until the Absorption of Clan Burrock, the Adders used dark blue trim on black. Captured vessels retain their original red-brown color however, possibly a gesture to reconcile Burrock Warriors to their new status.


Steel Viper

The blue-green of the Viper’s scales forms the basis of their WarShips color scheme. Darker green “scales” are sometimes used on larger surfaces.


Wolf (Wolf (in-Exile))

Mid-gray is used by both Wolf fleets.