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AeroSquadron 0.9.3 released - 3/15/2006

The damage list in the extended printout optionally now contains only the values which are used within this squadron for more clarity.

The other corrections are a lot of small cosmetical changes in the printout.


The whole package is now istalled with a setup program. This should prevent the most commom errors made during the installation.

to Downloads

AeroSquadron 0.9.2 released - 4/24/2005

This (hopefully last) beta-release adds the last missing features (reworked printout, damage-reduction table, additional informations) and corrects some minor errors.


Not available any more for download.

AeroSquadron 0.9.1 released - 4/11/2005

This release adds some of the missing features (program settings are saved, loading/saving of whole sqadrons) and corrects a serious error (fighters with Artemis might cause an exception).

The features still missing will be implemented in further versions.


Not available any more for download.

AeroSquadron 0.9 released - 4/1/2005

This version is a beta release to test the actual functionality on a wider group of computers. Due to this, some of the features are still missing or incomplete, but in general the program should be useable.

Most missing features, along with other corrections, will be implemented in version 1.0 which will be published in april or may 2005.


Not available any more for download.

What is AeroSquadron?

AeroSquadron is a program that allows you to assemble, manage and print out AeroSpace squadrons for AeroTech 2 (revised).

It uses the data-files from HeavyMetal Aero for import, which makes the composition of a squadron quite simple.


The programm is of course Freeware.


.NET Framework

It's mandatory for AeroSquadron to have an installed .NET Framework Version 1.0 or higher. Without this the program won't even start and abort with an error-message.


The easiest way to install it is via the windows-function "Windows Update". It's one of the optional updates.


Links for a manual download:

.NET Framework 1.1 at

.NET Framework 1.0 at

Heavy Metal Aero

AeroSquadron uses the files (*.hma) from HeavyMetal Aero to import the data of the AeroSpace fighters. To do this properly it have to use some files from HeavyMetal Aero.

And since I don't own them, I won't redistribute them. And no, there ist no "but" - I've promised Rick that I won't do it.

So HeavyMetal Aero is another requirement to run this program.


Further informations:

homepage of HeavyMetal Software

HeavyMetal Aero


actual features (Version 0.9.3)

composition of AerorSpace squadrons
printing of squadrons
import of AeroSpace fighters (HeavyMetal Aero files, *.hma)
import of rosters (HeavyMetal Aero rosters, *.roa)
bilangual (english and german, switchable)
Drag 'n Drop, adding HMA files directly from the Windows-Explorer
saving/loading of whole squadrons
chart for calculationg damage-values after loosing figters
fields for some additional informations

Tutorial & Screenshots


The main screen contains most components that are used to create a squadron.

Most options (adding fighters, printing,...) are found in the menu.

The fighters (along with some informations) are displayed in the upper box, while the weapons are listed in the box below.

The lower area contains some nice-to-know informations.

Add a new fighter

To add a fighter, just click at Squadron and Add fighter in the main menu and select a file.

Then the figher will be shown in the upper box, it's weapons will be added to the lower box.

Change number of fighters

To change the number of a specific model in the squadron, select it in the upper box. Now you can change the number in the field just below the box. Possible values are between 1 and 12.

To remove a singe design completely, mark the design in the box and click the right mouse button and select Remove.

A complete squadron

Of course you can add more than one design to a squadron. Just repeat the steps to add a fighter and adjust it's number.

The weapons will be added according the rules found in AeroTech 2 (revised).

It's also possible to add some additional informations (affiliation, designation and piloting-values).

Print preview (standard printout)

If the squadron is complete, you can print the design. Just select File and Print Preview to preview it or Print to print it without previewing it.

The print preview and an actual printout are of course identical.


The printout looks similar to the sheet from AeroTech 2 (revised), though some parts are arranged differently due to practical aspects.

Print preview (complex printout)

An "extended printout" (activation in the menu with Options and Extended Printout) contains an additional table.

With this table it should be quite easy to calculate the adjusted damage-values of the squadrons after it lost one or more members.


The option Full Damage List in the same menu is only available if Extended Printout is selected.

With this option selected, all damage values from 1 to 30 are displayed. Without, only the values that are needed for this sheet are printed.


Just execute the file and the program will install all necessary files into the folder of HeavyMetal Aero (because the program needs some files located in this directory).

It is not possible to change the installation folder.

The program will check for the two most common problems and inform you if necassary.


The subdirectory de-DE is only needed if you want to use the german language setting.

Tips & Tricks

Since Version 0.9.2 there are at least two XML files in the directory of AeroSquadron. With this files some aspects of AeroSquadron can be personalized.

The files contain the entries for all available languages (currently english and german). Some basic knowledge regarding XML can help, but isn't necessary.



Entries for the Affiliation-list.



Replacements for weapons, useful at long weapon names or translations (e.g. "L-Laser" in english gets "S-Laser" in german).


The files are located at the menu item Downloads.


Copyright © 2005 by The World of BattleTech. All rights reserved.


Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

All HeavyMetal programs are developed by Rick Raisley of RCW Enterprises, and Copyrighted © 2005 by RCW Enterprises.

Battletech, AeroTech are registered trademarks of Wizkids Corporation. Any use of Wizkids' copyrighted material or trademarks in these files should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks.